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At East Raleigh Doula Co., we believe in empowering women to confidently make choices in their pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey by providing evidence-based education, labor and postpartum support.

We want to help you experience your dream birth by educating you on your birth preferences, potential interventions and ways to help you achieve your goals. As part of your birth team, we will be by your side throughout your pregnancy and labor to help support you in every way we are able to: emotionally, physically and mentally. During pregnancy, we help you gain the knowledge and education to help you feel confident in giving birth. During labor, we support you in making those decisions and accomplishing your birth desires. During postpartum, we help support you in breastfeeding, newborn care and household responsibilities.

We look forward to connecting with you

- East Raleigh Doulas


why are we here?

East Raleigh Doula Company exists to educate, support, and encourage families as they make informed and empowered decisions for their pregnancy, labor, and postpartum experiences.

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what do we do?

birth doula support

(hospital, home and birth center!)

VBAC support

postpartum doula support

childbirth education

placenta encapsulation

bereavement services

lactation support

prenatal fitness & postpartum recovery

What clients are saying:

"After our experience with East Raleigh Doula, we’re convinced that every expectant mother should undoubtedly have a doula. From the first phone call with Emily (inquiring about services), and regularly check-ins throughout, to bringing our beautiful baby home from the hospital, East Raleigh Doula gave us complete confidence in developing our own birthing plan and ultimately successfully executing it! The atmosphere in the room during labor was absolutely majestic and wonderful! Lindsay walked my wife through every single contraction with a calm and soothing presence and provided her with the encouragement and peace she need to have a completely natural birth.

If you want your birthing experience to be unforgettable and full of wonder, we HIGHLY recommend you selecting East Raleigh Doula. Our team, Lindsay and Emily were amazing!" - Hollie & Matthew

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