Here at East Raleigh Doula Co., we believe in empowering women to confidently make choices in their pregnancy and birth by providing evidence-based education and labor support.


We want to help you experience your dream birth by educating you on your birth preferences, potential interventions and ways to help you achieve your goals. As part of your birth team, we will be by your side throughout your pregnancy and labor to help support you in every way we are able to: emotionally, physically and mentally. During pregnancy, we help you gain the knowledge and education to help you feel confident in giving birth. During labor, we support you in making those decisions and accomplishing your birth desires.

We look forward to connecting with you

- Courtney & Emily

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check out what our clients are saying

"Courtney made a huge difference for us in the midst of a scary situation with many unknowns. I can look back at labor and delivery with such a sense of peace because of her. You will not regret hiring her!"

"She was supportive without being smothering, listened to what I needed, and helped advocate for me at the hospital. Her presence and recommendations also took a lot of pressure off my husband and allowed him to be supportive and present, but not overwhelmed."

"If you want an amazing support by your side, Emily is that person. She supported me in every way that I needed. She was an encourager, a friend, a comforter, a calm spirit, a helping hand, and a strong voice when needed."