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our goals for you...

Mind-Body Connection and Self-Care: Cultivate mindfulness and self-care practices that empower you to manage emotional changes during the postpartum period.

Core Restoration and Breathwork: Lay the foundation for postpartum recovery with gentle core exercises and breathwork techniques that support healing and relaxation.


Functional Strength and Mobility: Build functional strength and enhance mobility, enabling you to confidently engage in daily activities/exercise in the future.

Mindful Movement

Fitness Class


This in-person group class is a thoughtful and intentional approach to prenatal and postpartum fitness, incorporating both physical and mental well-being.  This class will help you build a foundation of mobility, breathwork, and strength training to prepare you for childbirth, to minimize your risk  injury, and to help heal your body safely in postpartum.

Prenatal Fitness & Postpartum Recovery Package 


This package includes the Mindful Movement Course plus four 1-on-1 sessions to customize support specifically for your body, mind and personal needs.

- Mindful Movement Class

- 36 Weeks Pregnant | Embracing Prenatal Prep Mobility

- 2 Weeks Postpartum | A Gentle Check-In and Breathwork Introduction

- 6 Weeks Postpartum | Embracing Mobility and Recognizing Your Strength

- 12 Weeks Postpartum | Nurturing Alignment and Mobility


Personal Training


If you wish to add on any additional one-on-one training with our team, we offer that! We start one-on-one support as early as 12 weeks pregnant and will continue support well into postpartum until you feel you are comfortable.

12-34 weeks pregnant: Focus on breathwork, foundational mobility and strength building

34+ weeks pregnant: Focus on birth & labor prep

12+ weeks PP: continued services tailored to your birth experience

and personal needs

Prenatal Fitness 

We provide tailored prenatal and postpartum support that promotes physical strength and mental resilience to prepare women for childbirth. Our role is to help women build the strength they need for a healthy pregnancy and a successful birth, while fostering a deep connection between their body and the birthing process. These programs are designed to support both natural and medically-assisted birth plans; vaginal and cesarean deliveries, ensuring that each expectant mother feels prepared, confident, and in control of her journey.

Postpartum Recovery

Our role is to guide and support new mothers on their journey to regain strength, mobility, and confidence after childbirth. You'll receive personalized training programs designed to address postpartum recovery needs, such as core strength, pelvic floor health, and overall well-being. Programs will focus on gradual physical recovery, emotional well-being, and the creation of a sustainable, active lifestyle for the postpartum period and beyond. Programs do not focus on weight loss or“pre-baby bodies”; instead expectant mother are able to feel prepared, confident, and in control of her journey.

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