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Placenta Encapsulation 

There are many nutrients, vitamins and hormones found in the placenta that work with your body to recover and to heal from all aspects of childbirth, both physical and mental. Encapsulating your placenta delivers these nutrients back to your body, speeding up your physical recovery time and aiding in a smooth transition from pregnancy to postpartum!

ERDC offers a safe option for encapsulation in a dedicated workspace with the use of a stainless steel workstation table certified by the National Safety Foundation (NSF Certified) in the Placenta Encapsulator's home. Stainless steel is used in healthcare & food settings because of its non-porous nature, preventing bacteria from finding places to hide and grow. A commercial dehydrator is used to ensure each placenta is dehydrated at the proper temperature, while heat is evenly distributed for the entire duration of drying time. This ensures the placenta is heated quickly and efficiently to prohibit bacteria from developing. A pharmaceutical-grade capsule machine is used to provide a greater quality of both performance and safety and can withstand the same chemicals and heat processes for sanitation purposes.

Steamed or non-steamed with your choice of plain, berry or bubblegum capsules

Add on options:

Flavored capsules - add $5

Cord Keepsake- $8

Placenta Prints- $10 (any two colors)

Placenta Tincture- 4 oz. $30

For More info on Placenta Encapsulation, click here

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