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If you want an amazing support by your side, Emily is that person. She supported me in every way that I needed. She was an encourager, a friend, a comforter, a calm spirit, a helping hand, and a strong voice when needed. Emily helped my husband and I through our whole labor and deliver - from walking a mall and the greenway, to encouraging me in active labor, to holding me up and comforting me in my weakest moments, to giving my husband the support he needed and handling the small (yet important) details of food, music, photos and essential oil preferences. Emily was a crucial part of our birth experience! She gave space and support in such a timely manner. I cannot recommend her enough if you’re looking for doula support! Emily is the top of the line! - Abigail

After our experience with East Raleigh Doula, we’re convinced that every expectant mother should undoubtedly have a doula. From the first phone call with Emily (inquiring about services), and regularly check-ins throughout, to bringing our beautiful baby home from the hospital, East Raleigh Doula gave us complete confidence in developing our own birthing plan and ultimately successfully executing it! The atmosphere in the room during labor was absolutely majestic and wonderful! Lindsay walked my wife through every single contraction with a calm and soothing presence and provided her with the encouragement and peace she need to have a completely natural birth.

If you want your birthing experience to be unforgettable and full of wonder, we HIGHLY recommend you selecting East Raleigh Doula. Our team, Lindsay and Emily were amazing!  -Hollie & Matthew

Emily was my doula for not one of my births, but two. She literally held my hand through both labors. She supported the vision for the births that my husband and I had. The minute she walked into the room during labor, she brought peace with her. She made me feel like I was going to conquer childbirth and thanks to her, I did! She played music for me since I didn’t have it together and forgot to make a playlist ahead of time. She gave me cold rags and ice chips and sprayed water on my lower back in the shower as I bounced on my birth ball. She stayed by my side during each contraction and let me hold (okay, squeeze) her hand whenever I needed it. She has such a gift of encouragement which was exactly what I needed when I felt like giving up. With my second son, my body struggled a lot more than with my first and the pain was much greater. She provided helpful information, soothing techniques and encouragement at just the right times. I have her to thank for the awesome and embowering birth experiences that I did. If you’re considering having Emily be your doula for your birth, you will absolutely want her by your side! - Briana

I hired East Raleigh Doulas in June for my birth in August (standard package) and highly recommend them! Payment and scheduling was easy & everyone we interacted with was very responsive. Our private childbirth class with Crystal was great & very informative, and we were assigned two doulas, Samantha and Melanie. When I was induced, Samantha met us at the hospital in the middle of the night. She was kind, supportive of me and my husband, suggested movements, applied holistic pain management strategies (like lower back massage, counter pressure), explained things well (interventions, what’s normal, what’s not, what to expect), asked what WE wanted, and worked well with hospital staff. She helped us navigate difficult situations that we could not have foreseen during labor. She took photos of those first moments with my son that I will cherish forever. She has also done a wonderful job with postpartum follow up. I am so so thankful for Samantha. She is a wonderful person and was an invaluable team member at my first birth. We will absolutely hire East Raleigh Doulas for future births.  -Jordan

My experience with having Emily as our doula was great. I was able to have the birth I wanted. She helped my fiancé to help me in certain ways when he didn't know how to help. Emily is very peaceful, and soothing.  She also is able to speak up when I couldn't for my birth plans. She was always reassuring and empowering which helped keep my mind at ease.  - Jenna

As a second-time mom hoping for a VBAC birth, I knew that hiring a doula would increases my chances of achieving my goal. Jenna was my doula and she was fantastic. At our first meeting she was supportive of all of my birth wishes, and was very responsive to any questions I had throughout my pregnancy. When it came time for me to give birth, she met us right at the hospital when I was starting to struggle through contractions. Having both her physical and emotional support was absolutely needed, and I know I couldn't have made it unmedicated as long as I did without her. When I did opt for the epidural, she was supportive and helped me make the best decisions for me when it came to pushing. I had a successful VBAC and I know for a fact that wouldn't have been possible without Jenna's support throughout my entire pregnancy and labor/birth. I highly recommend Jenna East Raleigh Doula Co to anyone looking for a birth doula!

  -Megan M.

Emily was a FANTASTIC partner to have on my birth journey. We had initially hired a different doula since Emily was booked during my due date time frame, but it worked out that Emily was able to attend my birth at the last minute on short notice! She worked tirelessly with my husband throughout my 36-hour labor, and I really appreciated that she willingly coached my husband on how to assist me as well. I had quite a traumatic birthing experience with my daughter showcasing a very unsteady heartbeat, yet Emily stayed calm, cool, and collected through it all. My husband and I were eternally grateful when, after returning to our delivery room from the OR, Emily had already taken the liberty of packing our belongings neatly so we could swiftly transition to our recovery room. We cannot recommend Emily enough to other mothers in search of a doula. - Karen

I cannot recommend ERDC enough! My experience with Lindsay, Samantha, and Emily far exceeded my expectations and ultimately led to my dream VBAC birth experience!! - Brooke

Based on my wonderful birth experience with Emily, I would highly recomend her to anyone looking for a doula. I could not have had the unmedicated birth I envisioned without her. I felt fully supported by her and was impressed with how intuitve she was around what positions were best for me to labor in at different times. Thanks to her suggestions, I did not exhaust myself early on in labor and I progressed relatively quickly. She was supportive without being smothering, listened to what I needed, and helped advocate for me at the hospital. Her presence and recomendations also took a lot of pressure off my husband and allowed him to be supportive and present, but not overwhelmed. This was likely our last baby, but my husband and I would hire her again in a heartbeat if we were to have another.- Catherine

Where do I even begin. Choosing to work with east raleigh doulas, specially Lindsay, was the best and one of the most important decision I made during my pregnancy. I had a specific goal of an unmedicated birth and working in healthcare, I knew the difficulties I would face from medical providers when my goals did not align with their practice methods. When it came time that I was going into labor, exactly what I feared was already happening. As soon as I checked into the hospital, I was given a timeframe that if I did not progress my option was pitocin or breaking my water. The stress from just hearing that caused my labor to stall. Lindsay quickly made her way to the hospital to help my husband and I speak up to the staff about my goals and wishes. Ultimately, she helped give me the confidence I needed to return home and continue to labor in my personal space. Needless to say, everything rapidly picked up as soon as I signed paperwork to leave the hospital. Although it’s definitely not the traditional route, my baby was healthy and I was healthy to feel reassured about leaving. Within 5 hours, I was returning to the hospital, my body and mind knew I was safe and in a stress free environment to bring my child into the world. For the next few hours, Lindsay provided constant counter pressure during every single contraction, she communicated with all the staff on my behalf, and made my birth environment exactly what I wanted, calm in every way possible. My son entered into this world in the most wonderful way and Lindsay truly made that happen. While I spent those next precious seconds, minutes, and hour after birth fully focused on the most amazing gift of life, she was still my voice, reminding the staff of what I wrote for my birth plan to ensure my post birth wishes were also followed if no one’s health was at risk. I am confident if I did not have her support and abundance of knowledge while in the delivery room, I would not have had the birth I longed for. If anyone has any specific wishes or goals for their birth, whatever they may be, having a strong willed and knowledgeable doula is a must. I would recommend Lindsay to absolutely anyone. If I am blessed to have another child down the road, 100% Lindsay will be the first call I make.

Kristen was our doula and was absolutely unbelievable. She brought a bag with her to our birth and had countless number of tools and tricks to use to make everything more comfortable. She is super knowledgeable on different birthing positions and worked so well with the nurses and healthcare team. Also would recommend the child birth class! - Lindsey

I’m a first time mom and I wasn’t sure what I wanted or needed to be prepared for the birth. The true is, you are never going to be 100% prepared. We worked with Bianka and Becka in our prenatal visit and then Bianka was with me through the entire labor at the birth center. Certainly hiring East Raleigh Doula was the best decision ever! It was a long labor, ended unexpectedly, but Bianka help us through it, to be sure that we were making the right decision and very informed. Having a bilingual doula was what I needed in that time.
I ended up having a C-section, but Bianka was able to go with me and my husband to the OR.
I’m so grateful for all the support and empowerment provided by Bianka and the East Raleigh Doula Co. team - Valentina

ERDC was professional every step along the way, and had good availability for my due date. I felt confident in the abilities of both my primary and backup doulas, which allowed me to feel peace leading up to my delivery. My doula helped empower me to have a labor and delivery as close to my vision as possible. She provided encouragement, support, and rest breaks for my husband. My doula helped ground me emotionally and focus me mentally during the toughest parts of my labor. - Carina

As a first time mom, I was incredibly overwhelmed by the unknowns of labor. Emily was my doula and I could not have made it unmedicated, for as long as I did, without her support. When I chose to get the epidural, there was no judgment from Emily. She helped educate me which gave me the tools to make empowered decisions regarding my birth. My husband and I also really appreciated the birth class we attended as we felt it fully informed us on every process of labor. Becka was my back up doula and while she did not attend my birth, she provided so much love and support throughout my pregnancy alongside Emily. I would have been just as comfortable with her at my birth as I was with Emily! Cannot recommend these women enough! Love them dearly! - Hannah

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