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One free virtual consultation

This is a time for us to meet and allow us to answer your questions about our services.

1 Prenatal Visit

During this prenatal, we will discuss c-section birth preferences and craft a birth plan.


1 Pre-Op Phone Call

This call is the day before or the day of your surgery. We will chat through your birth plan to affirm your birth desires, talk through what to expect in the csection, and offer emotional/educational support as needed.

1 Post-Op Hospital Visit

This in hospital visit allows us to offer immediate postpartum support 1-2 days after your surgery. This allows us to help you navigate your immediate healing needs, help assist with breastfeeding, offer emotional support as you reflect on your birth.

1 Postpartum Follow Up visit

This postpartum visit is a time for us to discuss your birth experience, see how you are adjusting, and answer any more questions you may have. We can offer specific referrals or resources to help you adjust. This is also a time for us to help you get your postpartum needs met or at least discussed.


Unlimited phone, text and e-mail support with doulas until 6 weeks postpartum.

On Call

We are on call from the time you sign your contract until your baby is here!

Other services included:

Breastfeeding support, information and referrals – if needed

Parenting and newborn support, information and referrals – if needed

100% confidentiality, HIPPA

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