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Pregnancy is a time where our bodies change more than ever. Although childbirth is a natural process the smaller, deeper core muscles we need to be strong are often deconditioned.

We are highly trained in teaching you how to activate these muscles and keep your whole body safe and healthy during pregnancy.

We want you to have as positive a journey into motherhood as possible.

What you'll get:*

Baseline Assessment so we know where you are on your motherhood journey, current fitness level, and expectations so we can best meet your needs!

34+ weeks of evidence-based exercise programming

20+ exercises with demo videos 

Tons of education about your pelvic floor, deep core, pain, nutrition, mental health, incontinence, constipation, and momma prepping

A timeline of what exercises are appropriate when postpartum

Pregnancy Experience Assessment

A nutrition checklist

  Guidance on preparing yourself mentally and physically

Land and Aquatic exercises

Weekly accountability and progress check-ins

*Although I am a physical therapist, I am not your physical therapist, unless: you live in TN or HI (the states where I am licensed to practice physical therapy) and you've emailed me at about scheduling a virtual PT session.

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