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Yoga Class

prenatal fitness &
postpartum recovery package

In our approach to postpartum wellness, our primary focus is on promoting feel good moods, mobility and reintroducing strength. We advocate every postpartum journey being unique- we champion the importance of building a strong foundation and enhancing mobility to navigate daily activities with confidence. Our meetings are crafted to nurture your body's inherent strength, aiding in the recovery process and minimizing the risk of injuries as you engage in activities you love, such as caring for and bonding with your baby.


Prenatal Mediation


Mindful Movements | In-Person Class

A thoughtful and intentional approach to postpartum fitness, incorporating both physical and mental well-being. We will introduce you to basic breathwork, mobility and foundational training techniques to help you prepare for birth and postpartum, while minimizes your risk of injury and optimizing healing and recovery.


36 Weeks Pregnant | Embracing Prenatal Prep Mobility

As you approach the finish line of pregnancy, our first meeting is all about embracing gentle prenatal prep mobility exercises to use now, in labor, and beyond. Let's remind our body to move with intention as we navigate making more space through the pelvis, and how to use your whole body system to bring about an easier labor and prepare for healing. 

Yoga Class
Newborn's Care


2 weeks Postpartum | A Gentle Check-In and Breathwork Introduction

At 2 weeks postpartum, we'll virtually check in on your wellbeing and gently explore any concerns you may have. This session is about embracing the nurturing power of rest to bring peace to both body and mind. We'll ease into recovery protocols that are safe for your stage in healing- light breathwork exercises, posture and alignment practice. Together, we work to establish a foundation for the subsequent sessions based on your childbirth experience.


6 Weeks Postpartum | Embracing Mobility and Recognizing Your Strength

Following your 6-week check-up with your provider, let's gently dive into mobility training. This session aims to be an effective and comforting guide, helping you navigate the evolving landscape of your postpartum fitness with kindness. This session aims to empower you with the knowledge to navigate your evolving postpartum fitness safely. Addressing the nuances of recovery, we'll discuss warning signs to pause and decrease exercise intensity

Mother and Baby
Staying Fit


12 Weeks Postpartum | Nurturing Alignment and Mobility

At 12 weeks postpartum, our focus is on continued retraining with progressive strength building while maintaining the mobility programming. We work throughout the weeks to provide you with confidence and tools to progress independently. Together, we'll celebrate the progress made and lay the foundation for a resilient and thriving postpartum journey.

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