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One free virtual consultation

This is a time for us to answer your questions and help you understand more about our services.

A primary and backup doula plus team-wide support!

We are BIG on team-wide support and our work for our clients is very collaborative. You will, specifically, have two doulas on your team who are primarily communicating with you throughout your pregnancy, labor and postpartum experiences. These doulas are your primary contacts to provide support and build a relationship with you. The primary doula is the one who will be on call for your due date and will be attending if all is well. As we know, life can be a surprise and things happen (sickness, emergencies, other babies coming, etc) and thats what the backup is for. If your primary is unavailable for any reason, you will have a backup doula that you have met, worked with and who knows your birth wishes and can be a support for you.


The beauty of ERDC's model is that our team is collaborative and are always connecting to get different perspectives, ideas and tips to ensure you are getting the best support for your needs. So, essentially, you have an entire team of doulas supporting you!!

2 Prenatal visits & 1 Postpartum visit

Our first prenatal is virtual. During this visit, your primary and backup doula will be on a video call will you to discuss birth preferences, interventions and craft a birth plan. We will ask you specific questions about your desires for birth environment, interventions, postpartum and newborn care etc. We will put it on our birth plan document and send it to you for you to review with your providers.

Our second prenatal is typically in your home or a comfortable meeting space. This visit will be focused on support techniques. We consider this a "mock birth" experience; we will walk through each phase of labor and our recommendations for how to fulfill your birth desires. We will show you and your partner/support person positions, movements and tools to utilize at different points in labor and show you how to maintain rest, while also working with your baby physiologically. 

Your postpartum visit can be either a virtual call or an in-person home visit based on your needs/wishes and location. It is a time for us to discuss your birth experience, see how you are adjusting to having a new baby, provide breast/bottle feeding support and answer any more questions you may have.

Note: this is not a postpartum doula shift, for postpartum support, please see our deluxe package.


We will start a group text thread as soon as you book with us where you have unlimited phone and text support with both of your doulas throughout your pregnancy/labor experience. They are available to help you navigate questions from prenatal visits, help offer resources and referrals and just be a support when you need it. 

On Call

We are on call from the time you sign your contract until your baby is here! 

Labor Support

Contact care, attention and support once active labor has begun, up until approximately 1-2 hours postpartum. Your attending doula will help to maintain a calm birth experience that matches your birth wishes as closely as possible. She will guide you in positions and movement for optimal fetal presentation, progression and coping tools. She will also give assistance with unexpected outcomes in providing support, guidance and information as needed.

Other services included:

Breastfeeding support, information and referrals – if needed

Parenting and newborn support, information and referrals – if needed

100% confidentiality

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