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If you want an amazing support by your side, Emily is that person. She supported me in every way that I needed. She was an encourager, a friend, a comforter, a calm spirit, a helping hand, and a strong voice when needed. Emily helped my husband and I through our whole labor and deliver - from walking a mall and the greenway, to encouraging me in active labor, to holding me up and comforting me in my weakest moments, to giving my husband the support he needed and handling the small (yet important) details of food, music, photos and essential oil preferences. Emily was a crucial part of our birth experience! She gave space and support in such a timely manner. I cannot recommend her enough if you’re looking for doula support! Emily is the top of the line! - Abigail

I cannot say enough great things about Courtney. She has been an incredible support since day one! She was amazing at helping me understand what my desires for birth were, helping me structure my birth plan, and discussing pregnancy/labor/postpartum to help prepare me for what to expect. She had such a confidence in me to birth my baby that it helped to keep me confident. She was gentle and kind with her encouragement but strong and confident with her labor support. She truly helped me have such a successful labor.


Emily was my doula for not one of my births, but two. She literally held my hand through both labors. She supported the vision for the births that my husband and I had. The minute she walked into the room during labor, she brought peace with her. She made me feel like I was going to conquer childbirth and thanks to her, I did! She played music for me since I didn’t have it together and forgot to make a playlist ahead of time. She gave me cold rags and ice chips and sprayed water on my lower back in the shower as I bounced on my birth ball. She stayed by my side during each contraction and let me hold (okay, squeeze) her hand whenever I needed it. She has such a gift of encouragement which was exactly what I needed when I felt like giving up. With my second son, my body struggled a lot more than with my first and the pain was much greater. She provided helpful information, soothing techniques and encouragement at just the right times. I have her to thank for the awesome and embowering birth experiences that I did. If you’re considering having Emily be your doula for your birth, you will absolutely want her by your side! - Briana

Once we were with Courtney, we took a big sigh of relief because we had an extra set of hands, she timed the contractions and helped us know when it was "time" to go in. Going through an unmedicated childbirth with her by our sides made her feel like part of our family. We are so glad she was a part of our son's birth and would highly recommend her to anyone!


My experience with having Emily as our doula was great. I was able to have the birth I wanted. She helped my fiancé to help me in certain ways when he didn't know how to help. Emily is very peaceful, and soothing.  She also is able to speak up when I couldn't for my birth plans. She was always reassuring and empowering which helped keep my mind at ease.  - Jenna

She made it very personal, finding out what type of birth we wanted and how we envisioned her role as doula. She constantly engaged my husband during these meetings, ensuring that we were both preparing for one of the most exciting moments of our lives. Courtney provided us with great resources to research and read to help us further prepare. Courtney was there to walk through the options with us to know what was best for mama and baby. We could not have done an all-natural childbirth without Courtney. She was amazing in every way and truly made our experience what we hoped it would be! I would hire her again and again. 

  -L. Liszt

Emily was a FANTASTIC partner to have on my birth journey. We had initially hired a different doula [Courtney] since Emily was booked during my due date time frame, but it worked out that Emily was able to attend my birth at the last minute on short notice! She worked tirelessly with my husband throughout my 36-hour labor, and I really appreciated that she willingly coached my husband on how to assist me as well. I had quite a traumatic birthing experience with my daughter showcasing a very unsteady heartbeat, yet Emily stayed calm, cool, and collected through it all. My husband and I were eternally grateful when, after returning to our delivery room from the OR, Emily had already taken the liberty of packing our belongings neatly so we could swiftly transition to our recovery room. We cannot recommend Emily enough to other mothers in search of a doula. - Karen

Thanks to her, I was able to labor for 10 hours and push for 2 hours without an epidural. I had the VBAC like I wanted and the baby was big (10lb 7oz). And it was glorious. Courtney had such a nurturing presence and I just loved her sense of humor. She is an attentive, knowledgeable and confident doula. I was in good hands. Hoping to hire her again in the future.  - Olga

Based on my wonderful birth experience with Emily, I would highly recomend her to anyone looking for a doula. I could not have had the unmedicated birth I envisioned without her. I felt fully supported by her and was impressed with how intuitve she was around what positions were best for me to labor in at different times. Thanks to her suggestions, I did not exhaust myself early on in labor and I progressed relatively quickly. She was supportive without being smothering, listened to what I needed, and helped advocate for me at the hospital. Her presence and recomendations also took a lot of pressure off my husband and allowed him to be supportive and present, but not overwhelmed. This was likely our last baby, but my husband and I would hire her again in a heartbeat if we were to have another.- Catherine

Courtney made a huge difference for us in the midst of a scary situation with many unknowns. I can look back at labor and delivery with such a sense of peace because of her. You will not regret hiring her!  -D. Liszt

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