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meet the team


East Raleigh Doula Co. launched in December of 2020 with the goal being to provide better, more comprehensive and more personalized birth support for families in the triangle. As we continue to serve mothers in the Raleigh area, ERDC has brought on an incredible team of doulas to join in the vision to empower women to confidently make choices in their pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey by providing evidence-based education, labor and postpartum support. 


We are able to provide birth services, childbirth education services, postpartum services and placenta encapsulation. The beauty of East Raleigh Doula Co.  is that when a client hires us, they receive the benefit of our entire team of doulas, with multiple educational backgrounds and experiences. This allows the birth client to know both the primary and backup doula  thats assigned to their birth which helps our clients feel more comfortable and more likely to experience a better birth and postpartum experience.

All of our doulas are trained via a doula certifying body before joining our team and then we provide an even more specific training to ensure all of our doulas provide the same level of support. Our support is focused on education as the forefront; we believe understanding the physiology of birth and trusting yourself is the key element in an empowered birth and postpartum experience. We also believe that physiology and the biomechanics of the pelvis are important factors in minimizing risk and maximizing a safe and empowered birth. Communication and building a relationship with your doulas is a vital part of the experience. We are intentional in making sure our doulas are all capable of providing the same level of support and care to all our clients.

how did we get here?

our philosophy

We believe that every mother deserves an amazing support system during her birth.  It is our goal to help our clients be educated, informed and feel in control of their individual birth plan and birthing process.  ​

We also believe it is important for the birth partner to play an active role during the labor and birth.  We will work with each mother and her partner to best support her individualized birth plan. 

We believe that a mother should be supported no matter where she chooses to birth her child or what route she chooses for pain relief. 

We believe that a mother should be supported after their baby is born and have the time to rest, heal and bond with her baby however she feels works best for her family.

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