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One free consultation

This is a time for us to meet and allow us to answer your questions about our services.

Full Lamaze Childbirth Education Course

A comprehensive personalized childbirth education.  Classes are based upon the six healthy birth practices of Lamaze International. This course covers pregnancy questions you may have, the physiological and hormonal aspects of the birth process, common interventions as well as risks/benefits of them, postpartum education, breastfeeding and newborn care.

2 Prenatal visits & 1 Postpartum visit

Our first prenatal visit is virtual. During this visit, we will discuss birth preferences, interventions and craft a birth plan.

Our second visit is typically in your home or a comfortable space (this can be virtual per your request). This visit will be focused on physical coping and emotional support techniques.

Your postpartum visit is a time for us to discuss your birth experience, see how you are adjusting, and answer any more questions you may have.

12 hours of Postpartum Support

This includes your choice of:

This schedule is created with our postpartum doula based on your needs. You may add additional hours as needed. 

This support if to help support physical and emotional birth recovery for mom as well as help with babies' adjustment with feeding, sleeping, hygiene, bonding,etc. Doula will also help with tasks around the house such as laundry, meal prep, or running errands.


Unlimited phone, text and e-mail support with both doulas upon signing contract.

On Call

We are on call from the time you sign your contract until your baby is here!

Labor Support

Contact care, attention and support once active labor has begun, up until approximately 1-2 hours postpartum. Your primary doula will help to maintain a calm birth experience that matches your birth wishes as closely as possible. She will also  give assistance with unexpected outcomes in providing support, guidance and information as needed.

Other services included:

Breastfeeding support, information and referrals – if needed

Parenting and newborn support, information and referrals – if needed

100% confidentiality, HIPPA