Birth Plan Assistance

This takes place over an hour long virtual call. We will take time to discuss your birth preferences.

We will discuss birth atmosphere, labor preferences, interventions, postpartum preferences, what to expect in a your desired birth setting (hospital, home, birth center), and answer any questions you may have about crafting a birth plan.

*pricing is for clients not utilizing our birth doula services; this is included in our packages for doula clients.


Virtual Birth Support

Maybe you have entertained the idea of having a doula at your birth and don't have one nearby...or maybe a full service doula isn't doable for your family. Maybe a virtual doula is just what you and your partner are looking for!


What do virtual doula services include?

  • A free 30 minute consultation via Facetime, Zoom, or Skype.​

  • Two prenatal calls to answer any questions you may have about your labor and delivery and the postpartum period as well as virtual training in coping techniques

  • Create a written birth plan that will be emailed to you and your partner.

  • ​24/7 on call from 36 weeks gestation for your labor and delivery. 

  • ​On call labor support via FaceTime or Phone call to help answer any questions you or your partner may have during delivery. 

  • ​One postpartum video chat or phone call to go over your birth and newborn care.